Client Testimonials

IntellPro provides key decision-makers with real-time monitoring of their entire research and investing process, with tools to easily create, organize and maintain all your critical research data. Portfolio monitoring dashboards provide advanced notification features to ensure your team’s investment research is always current and up to date.

Once we have decided what to research, we need systems to track our research if we are going to capture any benefit. Our management company partnered with IntellPro, a Saas based investment management system that is groundbreaking in its approach …..As part of our partnership, we are working directly with IntellPro’s team, and in doing so we can have considerable custom software created, implemented, and personalized. We have our own more advanced private environment which allows my team to be significantly more productive.” 

Fundamental Long/Short Asset Manager

“While we still use many tools, IntellPro allows us to consolidate our research systems into a single platform. All research is tagged, shareable, searchable, and standardized with many other features, but without added burden to team members. We did not want to implement systems where team members would spend a non-trivial amount of time dealing with the procedures of the system rather than doing value-added work. This will be especially useful as we add team members and increase the amount of work flowing through the firm.” 

Fundamental Long/Short Asset Manager

IntellPro is mission critical for our firm, it provides consistency and structure to the investment process that we have been striving for since our firm’s early days.  It is no longer a ‘nice to have’ product -it is a ‘need to have’ in this current regulatory environment.” 

Large Cap Technology and Consumer Asset Manager

The investment process is complex and has dozens of sources of information for each investment, most of which we focus on is qualitative in nature.   IntellPro allows us to have all this information in one place, thus saving lots of time and reducing the risk of error.  We believe that this gives our team an edge, since the quantitative analysis is now mostly done by machines.”  

Fundamental Asset Manager