Our mission is to create a single, comprehensive investment management system that removes friction from the research and decision-making process. We are optimizing the workflow that underpins successful investment outcomes. Our easy-to-use software meets the full requirements of modern-day investment management teams. We deliver a cost-effective solution that facilitates better and rapid decision-making, ensuring consistency and transparency throughout the entire investment lifecycle. Investing comes with risks. Your research process shouldn’t be one of them.



Easy-to-build productivity dashboards provide decision-makers with real-time monitoring of all critical aspects of the research process, including analyst workflows, research updates, customizable portfolio metrics, analyst assignments, and much more.


Purpose-built tools to improve communication and increase the exchange of ideas. Enable your team to communicate and collaborate in a simple, flexible, and effective way. Seamless integration with Outlook, Slack, and other tools create a plug-and-play environment.


A centralized platform that delivers a holistic solution to investment management teams. Investment analysis and supporting data are easily accessible with the click of a mouse. No more digging for data, no more silos. Real-time insights including primary source auditability ensure that the investment portfolio represents the best and highest conviction ideas.


Success boils down to one’s ability to always deliver on critical and immediate deliverables. Our task management tools and Kanban boards provide transparency to managers highlighting all crucial research information that decision-makers rely on. We facilitate faster and better decision-making.


IntellPro is a new company led by founders with over 60 years of collective financial market and technology experience. Our team has deep domain expertise in institutional asset management, professional services, and financial technology workflow solutions. 

We understand that successful organizations all have well-established routines for getting things done. However, we have observed that these routines often break down and are taken for granted during periods of stability.

We believe that knowledge, skill, and discipline are becoming commoditized table stakes for investing capital in today’s markets. The teams that outperform are leveraging technologies that systematically optimize the processes which underpin their investment decisions.

For decades, we have witnessed decision-makers struggle to identify and implement easy-to-use enterprise solutions that meet the full requirements of investment management teams.

In response, we have developed a purpose-built platform that is fundamentally reshaping the way teams collaborate and conduct research and ultimately run their businesses. Our subscribers are proactive forward thinkers who have embraced our technology as the industry gold standard.

Question the assumptions behind your routines. Let IntellPro empower better decision-making today.